The #1 List of Team Building Activities in Dallas

Welcome, or should we say Howdy! Epic Team Building Dallas is the only resource you need to find the most epic team building activity in Dallas, Texas. Our team has put together a meticulous list of more than 30 of the most outrageous, highest rated, most epic team building activities and corporate events in the city, just for you.

Dallas, quirkily nicknamed the Big D, is equally famous for its cowboys and corporate professionals. This up-and-coming corporate hub of the South is home to ranches and urban jungles in equal measure. Ranked fourth in the Fortune 500 corporate headquarters list, the city boasts of insanely successful ventures.

What is the difference between a successful company and a not-so-successful one? The most valuable resource of all, humans. Showing your employees that they matter and that you care goes a long way in boosting morale and productivity. Highly motivated employees perform better and form stronger teams. Trust, cooperation, coordination, and conflict resolution are skills that must be learned – and team building exercises make learning fun.

While the theory of it makes sense, finding an event or team building activity that works for your company may be complicated. This is where we’ve got your back – our expert team has gone the extra mile to compile a list of the most epic team building activities for you – right from corporate events, laid-back team building days, adrenaline-pumping scavenger hunts, art workshops, and even virtual team building exercises. So what are you waiting for - put on your cowboy hat and giddy-up to ride the team building wave!

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The Best Epic Team Building Activities in Dallas:

We know it can get a little tricky to find the best team building activity suited to your team. That’s why our team at Epic Team Building Dallas has compiled the only list of corporate event ideas you’ll ever need. From an epic scavenger hunt across Dallas to an artsy painting workshop, get bonding now!

1. Let’s Roam Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Top Rated in Dallas]

Dallas company on a let's roam team builder scavenger hunt

Picture this: an exciting scavenger hunt that takes you through a city you want to explore in new ways while you compete for the ultimate prize with your team. That’s Let’s Roam for you! Put your team’s grey cells to the test with Let’s Roam’s app-based scavenger hunts and rediscover Dallas in new, extraordinary ways. Get a fresh, new perspective on each team member’s assets and skills as they take part in collaborative challenges and race to the finish.

A dedicated event planner customizes each hunt to suit your needs and integrates company trivia into the challenges too. Add drinking pit stops, unveil hidden gems and puzzles, take pictures, and memories with this fun event. Build better teams and instill leadership skills in your colleagues as you embark on a tailor-made quest!

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2. Dallas ScavengerHunt by – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Team on a Dallas team building scavenger hunt

Experience the best of what Dallas has to offer with ScavengerHunt’s sensational outdoor quests. With more than 400 themed corporate events and hunts to choose from, ScavengerHunt is an app-led mission that takes your team around the must-see landmarks of Dallas, Texas, while teaching them important lessons on teamwork, trust, and communication along the way. Follow your rivals’ progress on the live leaderboard as you race against the clock to complete challenges and mini-games. A dedicated expert event planner makes sure that every step of the way is well-organized, and integrates company trivia in the challenges. Make memories for a lifetime with the photo and video challenges along the trail, and follow the clues to an epic prize at the end. Fancy treating your team to a mid-hunt drink? Add a custom pit-stop at a favorite bar, and pick a tailored route!

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3. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Take a breather and marvel at the beauty of green Dallas at the Arboretum with a fun tour of this natural paradise. The Arboretum offers private guided tours of the gorgeous location, with special focus on the seasonal exhibits. Take a relaxing stroll and make easy conversation with your colleagues in this laid-back team building activity.

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4. Idea Fountain

Give back to society and spread the joy of sharing with Idea Fountain, a unique CSR and team building venture. Get your entire team together and make care packages for the children’s hospital. While this is a very fulfilling thing to do, engaging in charity with your colleagues multiplies that joy. Chat with your coworkers and get to know them better as you do something wholesome for the community – this event wins on all fronts!

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5. The Ultimate Dallas Fort-Worth Escape Experience

The name of this attraction is quite straightforward… or is it? This unique escape room is where nothing is as it seems. Each event is fitted with clues and hidden riddles that your team solves in smaller groups, each leading to a bigger clue. In the end, get your whole group together to solve the puzzle, all the while instilling the values of coordinated thinking, delegation, and other skills you can adopt at the workplace. This escape room is also convient as it is only a 10 minute drive from the airport.

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6. Improv To Improve

Laugh, learn, and laugh some more with Improv To Improve, a team building venture where one can expect the unexpected! Step out of your comfort zone in a safe, comfortable space, and build your public speaking skills and learn to communicate better. This event idea has had proven effects in improving interpersonal relationships as your colleagues learn to let their guard down, interact, learn, and laugh with each other, building valuable friendships.

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7. Upstairs Circus

Turn to your artsy side with your team and make fun DIY projects at Upstairs Circus, a collaborative art space. Choose from a range of activities, from leather purses, jewelry, or pottery, and make gorgeous masterpieces under expert guidance. Sip on cocktails and connect with your group while you make charming gifts for your loved ones – gift them to your coworkers as a souvenir of a memorable day of bonding!

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8. Charity Bike Build

Turn into engineers and build bikes for a charity of your choice with Team Bonding's community outreach program. Accommodating up to 1000 people, this unique activity combines team building with CSR. Work as a team and improve your skills by assembling bikes at a venue of your choice. Add an impromptu competition to the mix for added excitement. In the end, invite children from organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters to receive the fruit of your labor.

Wildly Fun Team Building Activities in Dallas

Get your adrenaline pumping and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with our selection of the most wildly fun team building activities in Dallas, Texas. Be it a boozy bar crawl across the city, a spicy barbeque night, or a thrilling visit to an adventure park, Dallas is the place to be and our list is the one to see!

9. BarHunt

Dallas employees on a corporate bar crawl

Nothing brings a team together than games and gin, right? BarHunt adds a tipsy kick to scavenger hunts with its boozy app-led journey across the most epic bars in Dallas. Get the best out of the city’s nightlife and explore six lounges, speakeasies, bars, clubs, and dance floors in Dallas with BarHunt, as you challenge your team to outrageous, hilarious tasks. Bar hop through the city and bond with your colleagues as you laugh, dance, and sing your way to the top of the leaderboard. Each bar comes with its own set of mini-games and photo challenges. As you get tipsier, lower your guard, forget your inhibitions and make friends for life in this exciting adventure. Beginning at 4 PM, your team can take part in this as late as you want. Make lifelong memories with BarHunt!

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10. Dallas Museum of Art tour

Rediscover the beauty and uncover hidden secrets of one of the largest museums in the United States with this fun tour. Organized by Watson Adventures, this event features a behind-the-scenes look at the museum and a quick treasure hunt across various exhibits. Dash through different exhibits, piece the pieces of the puzzle together and prepare to explore this stunning museum in an exciting new way with this event.

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11. Dallas Party Bike

Take your party to the road and rave on the road with Dallas Party Bike, a unique mobile touring venture. This fancy vehicle boasts of a great sound system, LED lights, and a great guide. This group pedal bike can be rented any time of the day or night, making it ideal for a wine-filled evening or a beer-fuelled late night drive around the city. Pedal, laugh, and make merry with your colleagues with this party on the move!

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12. AT & T Stadium tour

Are you even a Texan if you’re not a Cowboys fan? Treat the sports fans in your team to an epic event at the AT & T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys. The world’s largest domed structure, this mega stadium hosts corporate tours where you can throw balls, walk through the galleries, and a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the stadium. Now that’s something to bond over!

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13. Billy Bob’s Texas

Indulge in a day of good ol’ Southern hospitality at Billy Bob’s, a raucous Texan concert venue and event club. Get private tickets and catch live events in action, or try your team's hand at conquering the mechanical bull. Throwdown with some country music or place bets on a quick game of Honky Tonk Volleyball – finish off with a tour of the Guitar Bar and see if you can spot the engraved handprints of your favorite stars. Psst, look out for Willie Nelson!

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14. Six Flags Over Texas

Leap outside the box and let your inner adventure-lover shine with an electrifying trip to Six Flags, home of the most thrilling roller coasters and rides. Perfect for younger groups, this adventure park offers corporate events that include picnics, exclusive access to rides, and a quick scavenger hunt across the themed attractions. Bring the day to an epic close with a heart-pounding roller coaster ride. Keep in mind that this is not for the faint-hearted!

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15. DFW Adventure Park

Sweat it out and bring your A-game over at DFW Adventure Park, an exciting outdoor sports venue. Obliterate your rival teams in a good-natured paintball game, or zoom through the trees on a zipline. Run for the prize in the Great Obstacle Race, indulge in an airsoft match, or test your aim at trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Whatever event be your fancy, a great day of conversation, friendship, and fun conversation are in store for your colleagues in this team building activity.

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Outdoor Team Building Ideas and Team Building Scavenger Hunts IN DALLAS

Put on your detective hats and embark on a mighty quest to find the hidden wonders of Dallas with your colleagues. Discover your team’s strengths and skills in our customized scavenger hunts, and get your team building game on – it’s time to step into the Texan sun!

16. ScavengerHunt

Team on a Dallas team building scavenger hunt

We know we’ve gushed about ScavengerHunt’s event ideas, but we just can’t seem to stop – you’ll see why! This app-based scavenger hunt offers the best tours of the business. Take The Big Hunt – this event takes your team on a thrilling quest across the mightiest buildings of Downtown Dallas, while the Dallas Art District tour whizzes your team across stunning sculptures award-winning architectural marvels. Take a loop around Arlington, jam to country music at Plano, or drink the night away Uptown – ScavengerHunt has unique events to suit every taste!

That's not all – an expert event planner incorporates your firm's goals and needs into the hunt and adds tailored routes, pit-stops, custom games, events, and company trivia. Teach your team the importance of group effort, collaboration, and quick thinking through this fun game. What more can we ask for?

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17. Canyons and Crags

Prepare for the Apocalypse with your coworkers at Canyons and Crags, an outdoor rescue event and disaster preparation workshop in Dallas, Texas. Let your team build their problem solving and crisis management skills by putting them to the test in the wild southern outdoors – the expert trainers provide rigging and rescue workshops that are sure to come handy sometime in life. It's only natural to foster some team building while you're at it.

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18. Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Come face-to-face with the wild Texan outdoors at Trinity Forest Adventure Park, a thrilling range lined by the gushing Trinity River. Home to a wide range of animals and birds, this learning event is perfect for adrenaline-junkies who love the outdoors. Ziplines, rope climbing, and other high-energy events are on the cards. Let your team explore the wonders of nature as they learn survival skills, put their endurance to the test, and motivate each other to succeed.


19. Nerfies

Let your inner child indulge in an adrenaline-fuelled nerf gun war at Nerfies, the one-stop destination for this timeless sport. Form alliances, make plans, strategize, and develop leadership skills all the while screaming war cries at rival teams. Nerfies has a range of guns – there are motorized and manual options to shoot foam darts and balls. Sometimes the best way to resolve conflicts is to declare a nerf gun war, isn’t it? We didn’t make the rules!

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20. Southfork Ranch

Fans of the hit TV show Dallas are in for a treat at Southfork Ranch, the set of one of the longest-running series in history! This charming Texan ranch is the epitome of southern hospitality, packed with Easter Eggs and quirky references to the TV show. Take a tour of the gorgeous Ewing Mansion, walk across the ranch grounds, and take in the beauty of the South as you chat and get to know your colleagues.

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21. Gat Splat

Its wartime – and not just any war, but an intra-office paintball war! Form alliances, strategize and prepare to clinch the winners' title at Gat Splat, a huge paintball event venue in Dallas. If paintball seems too mainstream, this venue also offers ax-throwing parties so your team can let off some steam and channel their frustration elsewhere. Add a BYOB party to a fulfilling evening and indulge in some post-game banter. Get to team building stat at Gat Splat!

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Dallas Team Building Activities with Food & Drink

Some live to eat, some eat to live, and there’s us – we at Epic Team Building Dallas live to eat and build teams! Check out our offerings of team building activities with food and drink in Dallas to indulge in lip-smacking delicacies and some serious team building.

22. 23. Bar Crawl & Food Tours – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dallas employees on a corporate bar crawl

If you fancy a good drink at the end of a long work week, look no further than BarHunt's epic bar crawl. This app-led high-spirited adventure takes you and your team on an electrifying team building quest across the best bars in Dallas. Choose from two thrilling tours – the Dallas Dynasty Bar Crawl or the Foolproof Fort Worth Bar Crawl. Step into the highest-rated bars and establishments for a night of mini-challenges, games, hysterical photo-ops, and unforgettable memories. Rack up points for your team and make friends for life as you check each bar off your list. The winning team gets crowned the Ultimate BarHunt champion, so there’s much at stake. And don’t worry, the in-app photo and video storage will remind you of your boozy voyage even if you forget!

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23. BBQ Like a Champ

Work up an appetite and prepare to treat your team's taste buds to the best Southern flavors at BBQ Like a Champ, a quick class on making the perfect BBQ, every time. Work with your colleagues to taste-test and pick the best spices to go into your steak. Learn to make the tastiest BBQ sauce in this delicious team building contest and take part in a mini-contest at the end – who will emerge as the Grill God?

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24. Team Building with Taste

Did you know that the first 7-Eleven was opened in Dallas? There’s no better way to honor the city’s culinary history than by taking a cooking class with your team. The stellar classes organized by Taste are great to learn new cooking techniques and bond with your colleagues all at once. Divide into smaller groups and compete in an epic cooking competition – choose from cuisines ranging from true Texan, Mexican, Italian, Eastern, and steakhouse. In true Masterchef style, there are many twists and turns to watch out for, so watch out!

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25. Dallas by Chocolate Tours

If your team has a sweet tooth, they’re bound to fall in love with the Dallas by Chocolate Tour, a tasty walk around the best chocolate shops, cafés, and themed restaurants in the city. Not a chocolate person? No worries! There are taco, wine, pizza, BBQ, bacon, and margarita events up for grabs – nothing but the best of Dallas for your team building needs!

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26. Texas Wine and Wood

Wine, dine, and make wooden masterpieces for your home and workplace at Texas Wine and Wood, a DIY art space with a tipsy spin. Collaborate with your colleagues to learn a new skill together in this fun team building event where you can make wooden signs, brunch boards, and customized wood projects for your workspace. Choose from predesigned boards or sketch themed design exclusively for your workplace - we'll never want to leaf this place!

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Virtual Team Building Activities for Dallas Companies

Managing remote teams is as important as handling in-person teams. Your colleagues may be miles apart but don’t let that stop you from engaging in virtual team building activities. Hesitant to get started? We’ve got your back! Check out our simple list of the best virtual team building activities and get your bonding game on.

27. Let’s Roam Virtual Team Builder

Dallas based team boing a virtual team building event

Who needs an event space when you can bond with your team in the comfort of your own home? Ditch the outdoors, curl up on your PJs, and get started on a truly epic evening with Let's Roam's virtual team building events. Perfect for remote teams, this all-in-one virtual team building platform provides all necessary resources to conduct exciting games and activities, wherever you may be. A dedicated event planner and account executive make your job so much easier by planning the entire event out and making sure there isn't any dull moment. Choose from charades, Pictionary, Let's Draw, and other games, or integrate your own company's trivia and inside jokes into custom quizzes. The embedded video chat and Hilarious Host upgrade ensure a fun night of laughter and bonding anywhere in the world!

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28. Virtual group workout

Don’t let a remote job stop you from sweating it out with your team. Get your colleagues together on a conference call and work out together. Free workout videos are available aplenty – find the one most suited to your team and get sweating. Opt for yoga, HIIT, pilates, or virtual dance lessons. The sweet rush of endorphins ought to keep your colleagues happy and energized. Motivate your team to keep moving and pushing through this rewarding team building activity – you’ll build both muscles and friendships in no time!

29. Cocktail hour

Let conversation flow as freely as the booze in this virtual drinking party – mix up your favorite cocktail or uncork that bottle of wine that’s been on your counter for fall too long and unwind after a busy day. Bond with your colleagues and talk about all things under the sun – other than work, of course – as you make yourself a quick margarita and enjoy this team building activity.

30. Talent Day

Let your team’s talents shine virtually by hosting a Talent Day for your employees. Inform your team in advance to prepare for the event – each employee can put up a small show, be it singing, playing an instrument, dancing, drawing a simple sketch, stand-up comedy, or even a quick family play. These activities are surefire morale boosters as they show each coworker that they matter. In the end, come up with creative titles for each employee.


Where there is a team, there is team building. A company is not just its machines or buildings – what makes a firm is its employees. Developing a sense of family between your coworkers is a surefire way to increase productivity. As your team learns more and more about its strengths, skills, and challenges, new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation arise.

We at Epic Team Building Dallas aspire to find the best team building activities for your firm so you can meet your corporate goals and needs. Which corporate event idea are you excited about the most? Let us know and discover the rewarding realm of team building today!

Epic Team Building Dallas: Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or planning an event in Dallas? Let us know and we will answer it here! We are happy to answer all your questions about team building, corporate events and company culture.

Have a question or planning an event in Dallas? Let us know and we will answer it here! We are happy to answer all your questions about team building, corporate events and company culture.

What is the most epic team building activity in Dallas?

We love Let’s Roam and its diverse, unique corporate team building scavenger hunts. The meticulous attention to detail that goes into designing each team building event has won our hearts, and we highly recommend their epic team building activities.

What should I keep in mind when planning an epic team builder?

There is no strict format when it comes to team building events – they must be versatile, customizable, and flexible to match the team. We suggest opting for companies that have enough experience in organizing epic team building events to find the best fit for your event. Each event also has to get your team’s blood pumping!

How do I know which epic team builder is right for my company?

Your company’s specific goals must be integrated into each team building activity. This is one of the most important criteria to watch out for. Pick an epic team building company that allows customization and provides dedicated staff that can plan your event flawlessly. Listen to your heart, mind, and gut!